The list and the table below provides examples of the type of topics that may be covered within the 15 thematic areas in the program.

Program Matrix for SBE16 Istanbul Urban areas and building clusters New and existing buildings Materials and products
Context: geology, climate, natural resources, ecology, urban fabric, human resources Current Green House Gas (GHG) emissions
Earthquake risk
Flooding risk
Ecological sensitivity
Earthquake risk
Professional skill deficits
Worker skills deficits
Minimizing product imports
Maximizing product exports
Key performance indicators:  Social, cultural, economic, financial, environmental impacts, functionality Efficiency of local transport
Land use efficiency
Green space, urban agriculture
View corridors and aesthetics
Fit with local streetscape
Material efficiency (kg/m2),
Daylighting, lighting, thermal comfort, acoustics,
Affordability issues for low income groups,
Construction waste, 
Predicted EUI and GHG emissions, Actual energy utilization intensities (EUI) and GHG emissions,
Resource efficiency
Energy & emissions, Water,
Indoor Environmental Quality(IEQ)
Shifting to less scarce mat'ls
Production efficiencies
Recycling and C&D waste
Use of local materials
Resource efficiency
Energy & emissions
Methods, tools and techniques Urban area assessment
Integrated Building Design Approach (IBDA),
Energy simulations,
Building Information Modelling (BIM),
Building Environmental Modelling(BEM),
Building Assembly Modelling (BAM),
Building Optimisation Modelling (BOM),
Fluid dynamics simulations,
Production technologies - CAD - CAM rapid prototyping   Additive manufacturing - Reuse of Building components - Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)
Product databases for BIM
Policies, standards and regulations, action strategies, programs and projects  demonstrations Green neighbourhood standards
Solar rights zoning
Policies for small urban project development - Gov't climate change strategy
Gov't water conservation strategy
Self-sufficient neighbourhoods
Synergy zone demonstrations
Mixed-use demonstrations
Other demonstrations
Green building standards
Regulations for energy & emissions
Regulations for water consumption
Other building regs or standards
Earthquake standards - Adaptation to new climate regimes
Self Sufficient Buildings - Nearly  Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB)
Incentives for high performance buildings
Demonstrations of performance
Training for professionals
Training for on-site workers
Best Practices
Product Environmental Footprints EN 15804
Innovation Renewables in urban zones
Mixed use in small urban zones
System synergies in  urban zones
Building-integrated PV and SHW
Buildings with totally flexible uses
DC distribution in buildings
Public Private Partnerships (PPP)  for high performance buildings 
Best Practices
Leased building systems - Best Practices

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